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Low LDL Levels Do Not Cause Hemorrhagic Stroke

PCSK9 inhibitors are so powerful that 10% of participants achieved LDL levels less than 20 mg/dL; 31% saw their LDL levels drop to 20 to 50 mg/dL. No safety concerns were seen in patients with these low LDL levels, and the rate of side effects was the same in the treatment and placebo groups. As expected, the number of cardiovascular events dropped as LDL levelsplummeted.

What “Mild Heart Attack” Means

Nevertheless, it may take several hours to determine whether a heart attack has occurred and what kind of treatment is needed. When someone is unsure what their symptoms mean, the thought of spending several hours in the emergency department may deter them from seeking care. Dr. Campbell emphasizes that it's wiser to err on the safe side.

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Its almost Thanksgiving, the iconic American holiday centered on food. The mere mention of Thanksgiving conjures up images of a juicy turkey with all its trimmings and a table full of pies.

Should You Do Strength Training?

"There's no reason why a heart patient without contradictions to strength training shouldn't do both," says Erik Van Iterson, PhD, Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic. "Strength training improves musculoskeletal health, which helps slow the loss of bone and muscle associated with aging. Aerobic exercise strengthens the lungs, heart and body-wide circulation. You will benefit from a global approach to cardiovascular health and fitness by doing both."

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Millions of people have no problems with the generic drugs they take. But a growing number of disturbing patient experiences and drug recalls have made it clear that some generics are not being manufactured according to the high standards set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Generic Drugs: Are You Sure the Ones You Take Are Safe and Effective?

In 1984, the U.S. enacted a law that allows generic companies to win FDA approval with limited tests proving their drugs are bioequivalent to the brand-name drug and perform similarly. It may not have exactly the same chemical composition, but it must act the same way in the body and produce the same results. It also must be made in the same format: pill, capsule or liquid. This is why, in theory, generics are considered equivalent to their brand-name counterparts.

In The News; October 2019

Blood pressure (BP) is measured when the heart is contracting (systolic BP, the first number) and when the heart is resting (diastolic BP, the second number). Ever since the Framingham Heart Study identified that high systolic BP was a stronger predictor of cardiovascular outcomes than high diastolic BP, physicians have focused on lowering high systolic pressures. After the definition of hypertension was lowered from 140/90 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) to 130/80 mmHg in 2017-a controversial move-guidelines continued to emphasize treating the higher number. But a study involving more than 1.3 million outpatients published in the New England Journal of Medicine on July 18, 2019, may change this practice. In this study, researchers showed that having either high systolic or high diastolic high BP, or both, increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, the negative influence of blood pressure on cardiovascular outcomes was seen at 130/80 mmHg, validating the lower threshold for hypertension.

Eating to Prevent Diabetes

The good news is that diabetes is not inevitable. The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) found that making lifestyle changes can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. People who lost 7% to 10% of their body weight and exercised a minimum of 150 minutes per week decreased their risk of developing diabetes by 58% to 90%.

Answer to “How Long Will I Live?” May Be Revealed in a Stress Test

"Using this formula, we would tell a 45-year-old patient with a score of 55 that his stress testing performance is more consistent with that of someone 10 years older, and that he is not likely to live as long as his 45-year-old peers," cardiologist Serge Harb, MD, explains. "It makes it easy for patients to understand their risk. We hope it will encourage them to exercise more."

If You Have Trouble Controlling Your Blood Sugar, Don’t Give Up

Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceSymptoms caused by very high and very low blood sugar levels can be frightening, and even dangerous. The extent and severity of symptoms interfere with quality of life. Many patients are unable to hold a job, or even make advance plans with confidence. Personal relationships can suffer. Some patients end up in the emergency department multiple times aweek.

Advantages to Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Come to Light

Most heart-attack-causing lesions occur in the upper one-third of an artery. CABG bypasses these lesions and much of the remaining artery by attaching the bypass graft far downstream in an area less vulnerable to disease. As the disease continues to evolve in the artery, the bypass graft continues delivering oxygenated blood to the heart muscle nourished by the artery. This is how CABG prevents future heart attacks from occurring.

Learn What Titration’ Means

"You need adrenaline to run away from a bear, but your adrenaline level has to come down after the bear is gone," Dr. Taylor explains. "If you block adrenalin completely, the bear will catch you, so we block some of the adrenaline slowly and gradually. This allows you to react to the bear, while giving your heart time to get better and stronger between bear attacks. The next time we increase the dose, the heart tolerates it better."