Ask the Doctors: December 2017

At my last checkup, my doctor said I was prediabetic, but he didnt prescribe medication. Will changing my diet and exercising be enough to bring my blood sugar levels down?I recently suffered what I thought was a stroke, but it turned out to be a transient ischemic attack (TIA). What can I do to prevent a full-blown stroke?

Women’s Heart Advisor Ask The Doctors: October 2017

My cardiologist wants me to lose at least 40 pounds, with the hopes my diabetes and high blood pressure will resolve. Ive tried every diet there is, but I just cant keep weight off. Is it my imagination, or is it getting harder to lose even a couple of pounds? Whats your opinion about eating eggs?

Study: Diabetes Not a Reason to Avoid Cardiac Bypass Surgery

As the number of people with diabetes continues to grow, the other health ramifications of this disease are still being discovered. A common complication of diabetes is damage to your blood vessels. High levels of glucose (sugar) in your bloodstream can contribute to atherosclerosis, a hardening and narrowing of the arteries.

Ask the Doctors: October 2017

What is metabolic syndrome, and what are the implications of having it? How can it be prevented or treated?I tried CPAP for my obstructive sleep apnea more than a year ago, but I couldnt get used to the mask and the noise. Is the equipment getting better? Are there any effective CPAP alternatives?

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Atrial fibrillation (afib) affects an estimated 2.7 million Americans, and is a leading risk factor for stroke and other cardiovascular problems. When a heart is in afib, the upper chambers (atria) beat chaotically and out of synch with the lower chambers (ventricles). This can cause blood to pool in the heart and form a blood clot. It can also put extra strain on the heart, putting you at a higher risk of heart failure.

Study Finds Link Between Gut Bacteria and Obesity

Cleveland Clinic researchers continue to unlock more secrets about a common chemical byproduct produced by gut bacteria during the digestion of the nutrients choline, lecithin and carnitine.Those nutrients are found primarily in animal prducts, such as red meat, processed meats, egg yolks, and liver. The chemical byproduct is trimethylamine oxide (TMAO). TMAO is associated with injury to the arteries and reduced cardiovascular health.

Is Bariatric Surgery Better Than Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes?

Tackling type 2 diabetes usually involves a combination of medications, such as metformin, as well as a careful diet, regular exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices. In recent years, many obese individuals with type 2 diabetes have seen their symptoms become well controlled, and occasionally disappear after surgery.

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Strength training should be a regular part of your exercise regimen. In a recent study, researchers found that people who did strength training for up to an hour a week reduced their risk of developing metabolic syndrome by as much as 29 percent. Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors that raise your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. You are considered to have metabolic syndrome if you have three of the following risk factors:

Ask the Doctors: July 2017

I have elevated cholesterol, and for many years when I had blood work I was told to fast for 12 hours. Recently my primary care physician said that a non-fasting measurement would be as accurate. I have diabetes, and episodes of low blood sugar and fasting can sometimes cause a symptomatic drop in my blood sugar. What do you think? Ive read online that there is little evidence to support the use of statins in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and that the risks outweigh the benefits. I have no previous cardiovascular disease. How do I know if I should take statins?

What Should You Do When the Diagnosis is Prediabetes?

Watching your blood glucose (sugar) levels is critical if youre trying to avoid type 2 diabetes and the cardiovascular complications that can accompany it. But if your levels rise to the point your doctor informs you that you have prediabetes, whats your next move?

Ask the Doctors: May 2017

After more than 20 years I finally quit smoking a year ago. I know I feel better, but can any of the damage that smoking did to my heart or blood vessels ever be undone? I have type 2 diabetes treated with metformin and a history of a coronary stent. I have recently heard that there are newer diabetes medications that may reduce the risk of future heart disease. Should I be taking these?

What You Need to Know to Cut Back on Your Sugar Intake

Do you wonder if you are eating too much sugar? Thats a tough question to answer. Guidelines on sugar intake should be taken with a grain of salt. (Sorry)! A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that some studies used to write sugar-intake guidelines were paid for by trade groups that represent sugary products.