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Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Control May Be Improved with a Second Doctor’s Visit (Jan. 2)

Study: Jaw Device and CPAP Lead to Similar Blood Pressure Improvements (Feb. 2)

Systolic Blood Pressure of Less Than 140 Suggests Lower Stroke Risk (April 2)

Study: Caution Needed When Intensifying Anti-Hypertensive Therapy (July 2)

Controlling BP Consistently May Preserve Brain Health (Aug. 2)

Tracking BP Over Time May Reveal Future Events (Aug. 6)

Hypertensive Urgency Doesn’t Always Require Hospitalization (Aug. 6)

Sound Therapy May Help Lower Blood Pressure, Manage Migraines (Nov. 2)

AHA: Blood Pressure May Affect Cognitive Health Later On (Dec. 2)


Less Than Half of People Who Need Cholesterol Therapy Take Meds (Feb. 2)

Familial High Cholesterol More Common Than Previously Thought (May 2)

Healthy Lifestyle Helps Control LDL Cholesterol (June 6)

Drug Improves Cholesterol but Doesn’t Lower Heart Risks (June 6)

FDA Approves Generic Form of Cholesterol Drug Rosuvastatin (July 2)


More Than Two Sugary Drinks a Day May Not Be Sweet for Your Heart (Jan. 2)

Short Exercise Bursts May Be More Beneficial Than Sustained Activity (Jan. 2)

Study Reaffirms Heart Benefits of Unsaturated Fats (Jan. 4)

A Few Extra Pounds May Protect Your Heart (Jan. 7)

A Potassium-rich Diet May Help Protect Heart, Kidneys (Feb. 4)

Add Walnuts to the Diet for Better Cardiovascular Health (Feb. 4)

Sugary Drinks Linked to Increase in Visceral Fat (March 2)

Cardiologists Sound Alarm About Poor Exercise Habits (March 2)

New Dietary Guidelines Stress Less Sugar, Sat. Fat (March 4)

Lower Sodium Intake to Help Control BP (March 4)

How Much Exercise Is Best for the Heart? The Answer May Surprise You (April 1)

Normal Caffeine Consumption Not Associated with Extra Heartbeats (April 2)

Study Identifies the Best Fruits and Vegetables to Prevent Weight Gain (April 10)

Yoga May Help Improve Quality of Life of Afib Patients (May 2)

Chinese Exercises May Improve Health of Heart Patients (May 2)

Heart Benefits From Losing Five Percent of Body Weight (June 4)

Mediterranean Diet Helps if You Have Heart Disease (July 4)

Simple Ways to Get More Exercise Into Your Daily Routine (July 10)

Eating More Whole Grains Associated with Lower Risks (Aug. 2)

New Nutrition Labels Should Help You Make Healthier Food Choices (Aug. 3)

FDA Pushes for Sodium Restrictions (Sept. 3)

Work with a Dietitian to Achieve a Heart-healthy Lifestyle (Oct. 3)

Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Health in Heart Failure Patients (Nov. 5)

Follow a Heart-healthy Diet, Exercise Routine This Winter (Dec. 4)


New Clot Retriever Key to Emergency Stroke Treatment (Jan. 3)

Mobile Stroke Unit Provides Life-saving Treatment (March 6)

Further Proof That Time Is Critical When it Comes to Stroke (April 3)

Heart Disease May Put You at Risk for Dementia (April 5)

Meditation Helps Improve Risk Factor Control (May 4)

Depression Treatment May Help Lower Risks (June 2)

Modifiable Risk Factors Are Majority of Stroke Burden (Aug. 2)

Controlling Stroke Risk Factors May Also Delay Dementia (Sept. 2)

Heart Attack/Heart Disease

Study Finds Women Less Likely to Complete Cardiac Rehab (Feb. 2)

The 4 Cardiovascular Symptoms Never to Ignore (March 1)

Your Gut May Determine Your Risk of Heart Disease (April 6)

Exercise May Improve Emotional, Physical Outcomes of a Heart Attack (May 1)

Congenital Heart Disease Patients Need Special Attention (May 5)

Study Shows Heart Attack Patients Are Younger, Sicker (June 4)

Cardiac Rehab: A Step-by-step Guide to a Program That May Save Your Life (July 1)

Nearly Half of All Heart Attacks May Be “Silent,” But Serious (July 2)

10 Surprising Signs of Heart Disease and Heart Attacks (Sept. 1)

More Adults are Living Longer with Congenital Heart Defects (Sept. 2)

Poor Sleep Can Raise Your Risk of Heart Disease (Oct. 5)

9 Keys to Surviving—and Thriving—After a Heart Attack (Oct. 7)

Campaign Seeks to Reduce Second Heart Attacks (Nov. 4)

Ever Thought About Being Part of a Clinical Trial (Nov. 7)

Emotional Episodes, Exertion May Trigger Heart Attacks (Dec. 2)

Heart Failure

Be Smart About Exercise if You Have or Are at Risk of Having Heart Failure (Feb. 1)

Follow “Simple 7” Heart Measures to Help Reduce Heart Failure Risk (March 2)

Rhythm Control May Be Best for Afib in Heart Failure Patients (June 3)

Music May Help Reduce Anxiety, Pain Among Heart Failure Patients (Aug. 2)

Avoid the Common Medications That Raise the Risk of Heart Failure (Oct. 1)

Finding it Hard to Exercise with Heart Failure? (Oct. 6)

Medical Conditions

Aortitis: A Rare Heart Disease More Common in Women (Jan. 5)

Is Early Aortic Valve Replacement Better Than Watchful Waiting? (Jan. 10)

Sleep-disordered Breathing May Predict AF (Feb. 5)

Warning Signs That May Predict Sudden Cardiac Arrest (March 3)

CPAP Often Only Treatment Offered Sleep to Apnea Patients (March 6)

Recent Asthma Activity May Be Linked to Aortic Aneurysm Rupture (April 2)

Campaign Seeks to Educate Public About Prediabetes (April 9)

Research Finds Link Between Your Gut and Heart (May 4)

Psoriasis Linked with Higher Risk of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (June 2)

Gallstone Disease May Increase Heart Disease Risk (Oct. 2)

Exercise, Apart from Weight Loss, May Help Prevent Diabetes (Oct. 9)

Coordination Vital for Heart Patients with Other Conditions (Dec. 1)

How Cancer Treatment May Affect Heart Health (Dec. 6)

Medical Technology

Women Benefit from Implanted Cardiac Devices (Jan. 6)

Understand the Realities of Having a Bioprosthetic Valve (Feb. 3)

Earlier Use of Pumps May Help Heart Failure Patients (Feb. 6)

LVADs May Help Broader Range of Heart Failure Patients (July 9)

Reducing Surgeries Key to Long-term ICD Use (Aug. 4)

New Cellular Device Improves Data Collection from Pacemakers, ICDs (Aug. 4)

Wearable Defibrillators Aid Patients Not Suited for ICDs (Aug. 5)

New TAVR Valves Available to More Patients, Safer Than Earlier Models (Nov. 1)

Removing Abandoned ICD Leads Safer in the Long Run (Nov. 3)

Study: Wrist-worn Heart Rate Monitors Not Always Accurate (Dec. 5)


Study: Common Steroid Not Effective at Reducing Post-Surgery Pain (Jan. 2)

New Antiplatelet Drug Shows Early Promise (Feb. 2)

Statins May Help Prevent Problems Related to CABG (March 5)

Is Grapefruit Safe to Eat with Statins (April 10)

Study Affirms Evidence of Statins’ Side Effects (June 1)

Study: Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements No Threat to Heart Health (June 2)

How to Better Manage Your Blood Thinners (July 2)

Combination Therapy May Be Best for Intermediate Heart Disease Risks (Aug. 1)

New Diabetes Drugs Offer Hope to Patients (Sept. 6)

Full Adherence to Drug Therapy Cuts Cardiac Event Risks (Oct. 2)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Fish Oil May Help Healing After a Heart Attack (Oct. 2)

Blood Thinners Key to Preventing Stroke from Afib (Oct. 10)

Medications to Prevent Heart Attack Also May Reduce Heart Attack Severity (Nov. 2)

Many Patients Don’t Start New Therapy if Metformin Fails (Nov. 6)

Dabigatran May Be Safer Than Rivaroxaban for Older Atrial Fibrillation Patients (Dec. 2)


7 Steps Toward a Healthier Heart in the New Year (Jan. 1)

How Much Exercise is Enough to Prevent Heart Failure (Jan. 9)

Moving Throughout the Day is the Key to Better Heart Health (Feb. 6)

Study Suggests Ideal Heart-healthy Range for a Good Night’s Sleep (May 2)

Diabetes Patients Need Greater Control of Heart Risk Factors (June 2)

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Prevent Heart Disease? (July 6)

Greater Omega-3 Consumption May Lower Fatal Heart Attack Risk (Sept. 2)

Laugh More to Give Your Heart More to Smile About (Oct. 4)

Quitting Smoking at Any Age Improves Cardiovascular Health (Oct. 4)

The Risks of Sedentary Time and How to Avoid Them (Oct. 9)

Daily, Long-term Alcohol Consumption May Increase Risk of Atrial Fibrillation (Nov. 2)


Botox May Help Reduce Arrhythmias After a Bypass (Jan. 2)

Bariatric Surgery May Help Mildly Obese Patients (Jan. 4)

Age Not Only Factor in Treating Older Heart Patients (April 3)

Study: Don’t Wait to Ablate Your Atrial Fibrillation (April 4)

Rate, Rhythm Control Effective in Treating Post-Op Afib (June 3)

Bariatric Surgery May Provide Long-term Benefits (June 5)

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Women (July 5)

Women See Improved Outcomes with Valve Repair, Replacement (July 7)


Atrial Flutter: Don’t Ignore Palpitations That Linger (May 3)

Echocardiography Key to Diagnosing Heart Disease (May 6)

CT Scans Generally Safe for Patients with Cardiac Devices (July 9)

Know the Various Echocardiogram Types (Dec. 3)

Vascular Disease

Cocoa Flavanols May Improve Vascular Function in Kidney Patients (March 2)

Statins Help Reduce Amputation Risk in PAD Patients (Sept. 4)

Revascularization More Effective Than Exercise Alone for PAD (Sept. 5)

Angioplasty, Stents Boost Heart Attack Survival (Nov. 4)

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