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Make Some Heart-Healthy Smoothies This Summer

With the right ingredients, a healthy smoothie can be tasty and provide you with antioxidants and other key nutrients.


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The summer bounty of fresh produce brings with it the opportunity to make some cool, healthy smoothies. By avoiding added sugars and other calorie-dense ingredients, you can satisfy your taste buds while giving your cardiovascular system a nutrient-rich boost.

“If a smoothie is made correctly, with the recommended amount of fruit, vegetables, protein, and healthy fat, then a smoothie could be a meal replacement daily or even twice daily if a patient is trying to lose weight and shakes are convenient for them,” says dietitian Katherine Patton, RD, LD, a nutrition counselor with the Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Section at Cleveland Clinic. “Smoothies are also convenient ways for people to consume more than one serving of fruit and vegetables at a time.”

Patton recommends these tips for healthy smoothies:
- One cup of fresh or frozen fruit with no sugar added
- Leafy green lettuce or other vegetable
- At least 10 grams of protein, from non-fat or low-fat milk or yogurt, soy products, or protein powder
- Unsaturated fats from natural peanut or almond butter, ground flax or chia seeds, or avocado.
- Do not add sugar, honey or agave.

For more about how to make some heart-healthy smoothies this summer, check out https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2015/11/6-super-energy-boosting-fruit-smoothie-recipes/.

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